Why Are Big Banks Hiding This Secret Account That Earns 30 TIMES MORE Than Your Regular Deposits?

1.31.2014    BY ESTER ABRAHAM

Did you know that big banks like Chase, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo are investing their money into secret accounts that pay 30 times more than the bank accounts they offer you?

They pay you 0.12% interest and they pay themselves 5%.

That’s why…

  • Citibank has $4.5 billion stashed away in this account.
  • JP Morgan has $18.5 billion hidden in their account.
  • Wells Fargo has over $19.3 billion invested in their
    own underground account.

But one former banking insider has blown the whistle on this shocking conspiracy.

You should know that generating HUGE returns off of your money in these hidden accounts is 100% legal.

The banks can do it and now so can you. And once you know how to find these accounts, you can get 5% on your money too.

Not only is it legal…but the money that grows inside these accounts is 100% tax free and does not need to be reported to the IRS.

The IRS calls these accounts the “770” account…and until recently only the ultra-elite like the Kennedy family and JC Penney knew about it.

Why haven’t you heard of a “770” account?

Because the government restricts the advertising of these accounts—even though they are 100% legal.

It makes sense that the government would try to keep it hush-hush since they can’t make a dime off of these accounts.

The government’s cover up has worked so well that only 0.07% of the entire American population has a “770” account…while almost everyone else in the country has a standard bank account that pays them pennies.

This free video, that you will NOT find in the mainstream media, reveals this little known and lucrative income investment.

This “770” account is not only a money generating machine…it is also an incredibly safe investment. Safer than stocks, mutual funds, real estate, or gold.

These “770” accounts have been paying out steady returns for over 121 years…without ever defaulting.

That’s why the Kennedys used it.

That’s why U.S. Presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, Harding, and FDR used it.

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